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Brain Stimulation For Improving Cognitive Aging

As humans grow older in age, their brain becomes not as powerful and healthy as it once was. This can be terrifying for some individuals. Because of this, adults and the elderly have an increased risk of suffering from some type of disease that affects the cognitive state. The active aging exercises work to improve well-being and quality of life as we age, helping to improve the development of an independent and healthy life. The professionals at Neurosciences Medical Clinic uses state of the art brain stimulation to make things easier. We offer the best transcranial magnetic stimulation Miami.

Diseases To Be Aware Of

Memory impairment is a disabling condition and one of the most common complaints affecting patients with neurological deficits. Neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, traumatic brain injury, and epilepsy, as well as healthy aging, can lead to problems in declarative, working, and episodic memory. These impairments often place significant psychological, social, and financial stresses on patients and their families.

Medical treatments for cognitive deficits are limited and suggest a need for new and innovative therapy. Deep brain stimulation is a successful and prevalent treatment for movement disorders, such as Parkinson disease, tremor, and dystonia; however, its use in treating neuropsychiatric disorders has come to the forefront only in recent years.

What Is Brain Stimulation

This is a non-invasive, electrical stimulation, which means that we apply a very low painless current to the brain. The current is delivered through electrodes that are attached to participants’ heads with the help of a cap. Some of the electrodes are used for stimulation and the rest of the electrodes are used for EEG acquisition (recording of brain activity).

The stimulation is a shorter period of time than the actual training, so after the end of stimulation, we can continue to collect EEG data. We record brain activity with EEG as this gives us information about which physiological processes are essential for cognitive changes to take place. Furthermore, such changes might show us who can profit most from such an intervention. Ask us today about transcranial magnetic stimulation Miami.

All About TMS

TMS stands for Transcranial magnetic stimulation.TMS is a non-invasive method of brain stimulation that relies on electromagnetic induction by using an insulated coil is placed over the scalp. It is focused on a particular area of the brain that plays a role in mood regulation. What the coil does is generates brief magnetic pulses, which pass easily and painless through the skull and into the brain. There is no need worry. It is completely safe. The pulses that are generated are of the same type and strath that is made by MRI machines. When these pulses are sent to the brain, the pulses are administered in rapid succession. It is called repetitive TMS or rTMS that can produce longer lasting changes in brain activity.

Call Us Today

When it comes to brain stimulation, we are the professionals to trust. Instead, try a different approach. TMS is right for you. At Neurosciences Medical Clinic near Miami, we are medical professionals who will help you fight this long dark battle of depression. You will not be alone. We know all about depression treatment. Call us today for more information. We offer the best transcranial magnetic stimulation Miami.

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