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Ketamine Therapy & Treating Anxiety Disorder

Excessive anxiety and exaggerated worry about imagined things or real things in everyday life are characteristic of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This type of anxiety is not only present on most days of the sufferer, but can be difficult to control. Feeling irritable and restless, having poor concentration, and being easily tired, is common in affected persons. These symptoms can unfortunately impair everyday activities as well as the conduction of everyday life. Anxiety disorder can seriously impact your life, which is why it’s important for you to be aware of the options out there when it comes to treating anxiety disorder. When traditional methods such as therapy fail, Neurosciences Medical Clinic provides revolutionary anxiety treatment for your disease. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Anxiety Disorder Can Seriously Impact Your Life

General Anxiety Disorder, or GAD, affects about 2-5% of the population, and is severe in 1% of the population. The majority of the drugs which have been proven to be effective in the treatment of depression have also been shown to be effective in the treatment of GAD. These drugs include antidepressant drugs such as Celexa, Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, and more. Buspar and

Seroquel are  less effective antianxiety drugs, and so are antihistaminics. Other forms of treatment such as psychotherapy, relaxation therapies, biofeedback interventions, yoga, meditation, and even aerobic exercise may be prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with GAD. There are a  small percentage of patients with GAD who may remain severely affected by their condition despite trying many different versions of the traditional treatments for their condition.

We Excel at Treating Anxiety Disorder

It is extremely unfortunate that many patients with GAD may require emergency relief for workplace or community events, as severe anxiety attacks can be brought on by social engagement and performance. When traditional forms of anxiety treatment don’t produce the results that you are looking for, however, Neurosciences Medical Clinic may assist with the treatment that you need. Individual patients with general anxiety disorders have been reported to experience substantial improvements in their symptoms due to our treatments. Neurosciences Medical Clinic can improve your anxiety symptoms with a single infusion of low dose ketamine, which has been clinically proven to treat generalized anxiety disorder, In fact, there is one recent study in which ketamine was administered to a dozen patients with generalized anxiety disorder who had not responded previously to other forms of traditional treatment. This ketamine treatment which had been administered ended up being associated with  dramatic benefit, and the improvements for their symptoms ended up starting within an hour of the treatment. These benefits ended up lasting for up to seven days, and higher doses of ketamine were associated with greater and longer-lasting improvements in the symptoms of the patients. In fact, higher doses of ketamine were associated with greater and even longer-lasting benefits to curing the symptoms of anxiety disorder. No serious side effects were documented with this ketamine study. Even more relevant, no patient had concurrent depression in this study, meaning that the recovery from anxiety was not related at all to the known antidepressant effect of ketamine.

Another recent study examined 18 patients with social anxiety disorder. In these patients, ketamine infusion, as compared with dummy (placebo) infusion, was associated with greater 2-week improvements in self-reported anxiety as well as clinician-rated social anxiety. The response rate was 33% with ketamine vs 0% with placebo, and 89% with ketamine vs 53% with placebo, on clinician- and self-assessment, respectively.

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Ketamine therapy is a revolutionary new method of treating anxiety disorder. If traditional forms of anxiety treatment don’t produce the results that you’re looking for, call Neurosciences Medical Clinic in Miami today!

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