When it comes to your mental health, the last thing you want to do is neglect it. The professionals at Neurosciences Medical Clinic are here to make sure that you have all the information to lead to towards the perfect mental health treatment. Our clinic specializes in anxiety treatment, and we are located near Miami.


Mental Health Is Essential

Mental health is so important. It guides our thought patterns, how we feel, and at times how we behave. Yet many people don’t care for their mental health for a variety of reasons. The importance of taking care of our mental health is not always something we are reminded of, consequently making it easy for us to let mental well-being self-care fall to the wayside.


Top Reasons Why People Avoid Mental Health Treatment

Below are some common reasons you may avoid taking care of your mental health and suggestions for how you can address these:

  • Finances
    • One of the biggest complaints about therapy is the expense. It is true that individual therapy can be costly, but there are options.
      • If you have health insurance, you can find out more about your mental health benefits by calling your insurance company directly.
      • If you do not have insurance, don’t fret! You can contact local therapists and find out who might offer a sliding scale payment.
  • Time Management
    • Many people today are overwhelmed with the responsibility to their family, career, friends, volunteering, school, committees, etc. Therapy is another commitment that many people are stressed about finding the time to address. If you can, find a therapist that is close to the proximity of wherever most of your time is spent. This will cut down on drive/transportation time leaving a little over an hour for your therapy session once a week. If there is no one in the area that you connect with or can see, a lot of therapists now offer web-based sessions. It’s important to note that web-based sessions are not always covered by insurance. If you are planning on using insurance, check with your policy holder to see what they will cover.
  • Stigma
    • While mental health has been in the conversation more lately, there is still a stigma around it. There are many professionals, celebrities, and others in the community trying to #breakthestigma; yet it still exists. There is a fear of being stigmatized as “crazy” if you seek out therapy, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many people will head to their family physician when they feel sick. Seeking mental health assistance is very much the same, you are simply getting professional guidance on how to better care for yourself.


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When it comes to mental health treatment, we are the professionals to trust. TMS therapy is right for you, especially those who are searching for PTSD treatment and trauma treatment. At Neurosciences Medical Clinic near Miami, we are medical professionals who will help you fight this long dark battle of depression. You will not be alone. We know all about depression treatment. Call us today for more information on anxiety treatment. We offer the best transcranial magnetic stimulation near Miami.