Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment With TMS

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS therapy is a noninvasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve symptoms of depression or anxiety. This is type of therapy has been listed among the safest and most effective alternatives to treating mental illnesses when conditions do not mend with medication. Neurosciences Medical Clinic in Miami, Florida actively treats our patients with this type of therapy. If you want to schedule your own appointment, contact us today to get started.

Common Anxiety Treatments

Anxiety, like depression, arises due to chemical imbalances of the brain. If you suffer from anxiety, you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable and anxious in what you generally deem a safe and familiar environment. However, anxiety symptoms do not only arise from alarming occurrences or surroundings. Anxiety is a mental disorder in the fact that it does not take into account your mood or surroundings before its symptoms veer you off your daily routine. Anxiety can simply just sometimes occur. And this is because of those chemical imbalances.

Common types of treatment for anxiety include antidepressants, meditation, and psychotherapy. However, these types of treatments do not always work well on their own and they often have to be used in concurrence in order to effectively ward off anxiety symptoms. For those who use one or more of these treatments to no avail might see success in alternative treatments such as TMS issued therapy.

TMS Therapy For Anxiety

Doctors are still determining the best course of treatment for ongoing anxiety patients. TMS treatment can be given as a single dose, but it is typically used recurrently in order to see the best results. TMS is widely accepted by most patients since it is not a surgical procedure and it doesn’t require any medication. If you suffer from generalized anxiety disorder (or GAD) then your brain tends to be hyperactive in the amygdala portion of your brain. The symptoms that arise from this condition alone can do a lot to render your everyday lifestyle. Add in medications to treat that anxiety, and you have even more potential symptoms that you have to live with. The combination of anxiety and its prescribed medications can ultimately lead to failed relationships, issues with work, and it can even cause disturbances with daily activities.

TMS issued therapy, especially when issued on a regular basis, negates the side effects associated with anxiety medication. These reduced symptoms can ultimately create a manageable and enjoyable lifestyle for you. TMS gets rid of the sense on intensity and lack of control because it targets those nerves in your brain that are imbalanced.

The Process

The process of TMS treatment is relatively simple. You will recline in one of Neurosciences Medical Clinic reclining chairs while one of our technicians places a coil around your forehead. Then we will focus the magnetic stimulators on specific points to target areas of the brain. You may feel a slight tapping and hear clicking during this process. After treatment, you will be able to go about your normal daily activities. There are no immediate side effects to this treatment so you are able to drive to and from your appointment. It is as easy as getting a check up!

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