Pregnancy is a difficult time for many women. There are a lot of changes that occur to their bodies as well as their emotions. A lot of them even suffer from depression, and unfortunately, there are not a lot of treatment options available for them. Medication is usually off the table because of the effects that it can have on the unborn baby, but what about other treatment options. For example, TMS treatment (Transcranial magnetic stimulation). Is this treatment safe and would doctors recommend having it done during pregnancy? There are a lot of questions that surround a new and alternative treatment method especially when that method involves being performed on a pregnant woman. If you are in the Miami area, Neurosciences Medical Clinic could be an excellent resource for you to bounce ideas off of and get advice about how to deal with your depression during pregnancy. TMS therapy may not be for everyone, but you’ll never know if it’s for you if you don’t ask questions.


What You Need To Know About TMS Treatment

TMS therapy uses electromagnetic pulses to create an electrical current in some areas of the brain. The targeted areas are ones that control the moods we experience. This form of treatment is less likely to have side effects, which is why it’s recommended as an alternative option for those suffering from depression that hasn’t been responsive to any other treatment. This is also the aspect that makes this an ideal treatment for pregnant women who are developing depression or who have suffered from depression since before pregnancy because there is no exposure to drug medications.


Many women try avoiding depression treatment during pregnancy because they are afraid of the effects that they will have on their unborn baby. This is because until recently the standard treatment for treating depression was the prescription of antidepressants. However, avoiding treatment could cause some unwanted effects as well including:

  • Problems with your partner
  • Preterm labor
  • Low birth weight
  • Loss of connection with children
  • Poor fetal attachment

Luckily now there are alternative methods to help mothers to get some relief from the feelings of depression. TMS is a method where nothing enters the mother’s bloodstream because it’s concentrated on the brain, which means there is no impact on the baby.


There has been recent research conducted to help show the effectiveness of TMS treatment on pregnant women. During the study, twelve soon to be mothers were administered TMS for the depression they were experiencing. Out of the twelve participants, nine of them responded extremely well proving that it could be effective during pregnancy. All the infants were admitted to the well-baby nursery after delivery, and both mothers and babies were discharged from the hospital on a normal schedule.


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