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What is Neuroscience, REALLY!


In todays environment we hear the word “Neurosciences” being thrown around here and there.  Seems like anyone who deals with the human mind or brain is a Neuroscientist. This is false. Neurosciences are a very particular part of medicine that deals with the human neurological system in relation to the human mind. Neuroscience employs a lot of disciplines however; it does not extend to things like Tarot Card Reading or deep tissue massages. Sometimes people want you to think that what they are doing has science behind it and you will be surprised of how many people are committing fraud. It is wise to always educate yourself about what you are taking or are practicing in order to obtain good mental health.

Our clinic in Palmetto Bay prides itself in providing the very best therapies within the world of Neurosciences for the purposes of treating Major Depression. We employ Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), Esketamine and Zulresso for Postpartum Depression. These therapies are all FDA approved and all are scientifically proven to help those dealing with depression. Sometimes trying out new things may be hard but its better than trying something new that is NOT backed up by science and medicine. 

Our team of doctors and nurses work hard to make sure that our patients are receiving the latest and best care that Neuroscience has to offer. If you come upon someone who says hey have “The Cure” to depression and anxiety and that it has to do with “Organic” herbs or “Wholistic” medicine, stay away from what they have to offer or at the very least, educate yourself on what they are trying to sell you.. Even though some therapies sound good, it is a way to mask unproven therapies that often hurt the patient more than anything. Always check to see if the therapy is FDA approved or if it is administered by a doctor. 

In the end, make sure you remember the old saying “Buyer beware!”. We must protect ourselves against fake therapies that will not do anything except provide false hope. At neurosciences Medical Clinic we offer HOPE to those with Major Depression. Feel free to contact our staff so that we can schedule some time to sit and talk about how we can help you or a loved one get rid of Major Depression!

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